June 10 – June 30

A timely meditation on fact vs. fiction:  Based on a true story, this 2018 critically acclaimed Broadway play is a fast-paced story exploding with blistering comedy and timely relevance. Facts become blurry when they’re twisted into fiction in the high-stakes world of publishing. The demanding editor-in-chief of a high-end magazine hires a determined millennial fact-checker to work on a groundbreaking essay written by a famous author. The deadline is tight, the essay is dense, and everyone must make a good faith effort in telling the story honestly. But the overly eager Jim’s over-the-top fact-checking creates the ultimate showdown of fact versus fiction.                                                                                                *Advisory: The Lifespan of a Fact is suitable for adults and older teenage audiences. Characters lock horns in a debate of fact vs. fiction, and they drop some F-bombs in the process. Their explosive dialogue features other mature themes, including discussions of suicide.

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