Sunday, May 28 – 3:00 pm

Dr. Dondelinger, a naƟve of Luxembourg, grew up surrounded by the history of WWII. Now a resident of Hill City, he is a reƟred professor who specialized in Interntaional relaƟons, foreign policy and naƟonal
security. His presentaƟon uses dozens of photographs, both private and publicly available, in a “then and now” format to document events, places and people during the Nazi occupaƟon of Luxembourg, the liberaƟon by US troops in September 1944, and the intense baƩles fought on Luxembourg soil during Hitler’s Ardennes offensive known in the US as the BaƩle of the Bulge. One key feature of the presentaƟon involves a remarkable number of personal meeƟngs and coincidences, including with South Dakota and Rapid City connecƟons. Some of the events and lessons bear eerie resemblance and relevance to events in today’s world

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