September 15-17

Black Hills National Forest is home to the monumental Mount Rushmore and some of South Dakota’s most intriguing and historic locales.  The trails offer a wide range of difficulty while you are surrounded in magnificent scenery. Usually there are 6 trails available each day. Three trails (green/red/yellow) are for all Trail Rated Jeeps while the 3 more difficult trails (purple/blue/black) require Jeeps with more capable equipment specific to each trail. Purple trail requires 33” tires and 1 locking differential, Blue trail requires 35” tires and 1 locking differential (preferable 2 lockers), Black requires 37” tires and 2 hard lockers with a winch that works. The difficult Black Hills trails have lots of rock crawling from mild to extreme, while the Trail Rated trails have a nice mix of canyons and vistas. We truly have trails for everyone plus you will enjoy trail guides who couldn’t be more skilled and friendly.

30th Black Hills 2022 – Jeep Jamboree U.S.A. (